3 Top Reasons Network Marketing Has a Bad Name

Do your friend’s cringe when you mention the words network marketing? In this article, I am going to talk with you about 3 top reasons network marketing has a bad name.

If you are new to network marketing, you may be confused about why your friends and family run whenever you mention those two words. This profession has been around for a long time but it has not gotten the respect of other professions such as doctors, lawyers, plumbers, etc.

#1 – Unskilled Marketers

The number of unskilled marketers in this space that are blasting people with spam because they don’t know better. Unskilled marketers make it more difficult for the people in the profession that are doing things professionally.

#2 – Unethical Companies In the Space

As with any business, there are some people that decide not to act ethically. Some of these companies could have affected your friends or family and are causing them to have a bad reaction.

#3 – High Failure Rate

There is a high failure rate with network marketing. Most people that get started in a company quit before they ever make a profit. Most people that stay in for a long period of time never even make enough money to pay for their monthly shipment. This is the cold reality of the business. On the other hand, other businesses are also difficult and have similar odds.


As you are working your network marketing business, you need to stay positive and keep yourself going in the right direction even when you feel frustrated. If you quit, you will never be able to show your friends and family that this is a legitimate business.

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